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Telephone Triage

In business, time is of the essence and so, when your employee sustains an injury or reports a condition that may prevent them from working, it is imperative that they receive the best advice to help them return to pre-injury state and their normal duties as quickly and safely as possible.


Our unique telephone triage system provides the most effective & efficient method of treatment, advice and intervention for your colleague and is available when you need it. Referred employees are supported by our dedicated Triage Team to help assess the injury or condition, which is then reviewed by our qualified physio clinicians who will conduct a telephone consultation.

We deliver...


• Quick, evidence-based, expert intervention
• Advice for muscle and joint problems


...directly from a senior MSK clinician to employees that are referred.


The positive outcomes... 


• Reduced impact
• Reduced suffering
• Reduced severity of injuries
• Speedy resolution and recuperation




Clients who currently use this system see an average of 30% return on investment, significantly reduced sickness absence, no down-time from trips to GPs or a physiotherapy practice and higher levels of staff fitness, morale and wellbeing.

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