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PAM Group offers its own ergonomic workplace solutions service, PAM Health. The business has acquired an already established provider within the industry, Computing Plus, a company with a strong reputation across the UK for creating workstation solutions and this will continue under the PAM Health brand.


PAM Group and Computing Plus are a natural fit, sharing a reputation for improving working conditions within the modern day office. There are exciting plans in store to grow the business further as Computing Plus integrates within the PAM Group umbrella as PAM Health.


PAM Health will supply a wide range of solutions for working arrangements with Display Screen Technology. The perfect modern day office will encompass Screen Mounting Solutions, Height Adjustable Workstations for Sitting and Standing, Ergonomic Desktop and Under-desk Accessories plus Ergonomic Workchairs and Task Seating for the most demanding environments. We will also be offering DSE workstation assessments as well as the solutions to create healthy modern office work spaces.

You can browse the catalogue by clicking the link below.


Ergonomic Workplace Solutions

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