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Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance and the majority of people with a drinking problem are present in the workplace. Addressing this issue, and the prospect of tackling when and how much employees drink, can be daunting. However, acting to prevent problems before they occur can ultimately save time and is often more effective than dealing with a problem that has escalated and become too serious to ignore.




Drug misuse can be a serious problem, not only for the person in question but also the company they work for and sometimes for their

co-workers. The possession of some drugs is illegal, exposing the person to the risk of criminal charges as well as causing harmful effects to their health. You could be breaking the law if you knowingly allow drug-related activities in your workplace and you fail to act. It is just as important to know the implications, to both your employees and business, of not tackling drug misuse, particularly where safety is involved.



Preventative Employee Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing


Whether drug and alcohol testing is a regulatory requirement or best practice, PAM DAS has the complete range of services to support you. We make it straightforward by offering each of our customers a bespoke service, tailored to fit their needs. PAM DAS can manage your complete Drug & Alcohol testing programme leaving you to get on with running your organisation.

Drug and alcohol testing worplace drug screening UK drug and alchol services employees

Drugs & Alcohol in The Workplace

Effects of Drug and Alcohol consumption on the Workplace


  • Alcohol causes an estimated 3-5% of absences from work

  • Loss of productivity and poor performance

  • Lateness and absenteeism

  • Safety concerns

  • Bad behaviour or poor discipline

  • Adverse effects on company image and customer relations

  • Resentment among employees who have to ‘carry’ colleagues whose work declines because of their drug and or alcohol abuse​​

This type of behaviour can also lead to incidents, accidents or even a fatality in the workplace.

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