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Collecting a drug and alcohol sample for analysis is a potentially stressful experience for the employee so it is vitally important that the employee is at ease during the whole process. Using an independent, unbiased, professional collection service benefits the employer and your employees by removing allegations of prejudice or bias against either. This impartiality strengthens the Substance Misuse Policy and demonstrates the customers’ commitment to fairness.

24/7 Nationwide Collection Service

We have experienced collection officers, and a dedicated in-house team to coordinate and deliver our service. Located across the UK, our collection officers are fully trained in Chain of Custody procedures and protocols used for sample collection as recommended as best practise by the UK Laboratory Guidelines for Legally Defensible Workplace Drug Testing.


PAM DAS collection officers are qualified to collect urine, hair and oral fluid samples under the Chain of Custody procedures. Collection officers can also perform breath alcohol tests and provide on the spot legally defensible results.

Market Sectors

PAM DAS provide comprehensive screening services and toxicology to clients in a wide variety of market sectors. 

Below are examples of just some of the industries we can providescreening services to: 


  • Haulage and Distribution

  • Petrochemical

  • Manufacture

  • Security Services

  • Transport

  • Rail

  • Maritime and Ports

  • Air Transportation

  • Construction

  • Occupational Health Providers

  • NHS

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Safety Critical Industries

Safety critical industries, such as petrochemical suppliers, construction, transportation and manufacturing can rely on the comprehensive service PAM DAS provide to maintain their rigorous safety standards. Whether on or off-shore, PAM DAS is able to meet the needs of these demanding industries.


Our expansive offering of urine and oral fluid products lead the market in quality, accuracy and reliability.



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