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Health and safety has always been a top priority of responsible management. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 there is a duty for companies to provide for the health, welfare and safety of all employees.


From a substance misuse point of view, this would include having clear rules about coming to work under the influence of  drugs and alcohol whether these are prescribed, over the counter, or controlled substances.  In addition companies can be held to account for any failure in policy or practice that leads to a fatality under the requirements of Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.


Incorporating drug and alcohol screening into your existing health and safety practices shows employees that you are committed to their safety, at the same time as demonstrating due diligence and managing risk preventative management action can lead to a more constructive and supportive relationship within your organisation.


Why PAM Drug & Alcohol Screening

Our Accreditations

You can rely on the support and accreditations that PAM holds including SEQOHS ISO9001, ISO 27001, Achilles Link Up and IIP. All our services are accredited and have quality as part of the foundation.

Our strategic alliance with ESG, who provide well-established forensic science services and UKAS accredited drug and alcohol screening laboratories, ensures that our clients can rely on our combined expertise and resources to deliver the highest level of service.

Programme Management

PAM DAS provide a complete managed drug and alcohol testing programme that includes both preventative and reactive services, including:


  • Random drug and alcohol screening.

  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening. 

  • For cause drug and alcohol testing – involves testing employees who you have reasonable suspicion of being unfit for duty.

  • Post-incident drug and alcohol screening  – conducted when employees have been involved in an accident or near-miss. This can help determine if drug or alcohol use was a factor and assist in ensuring safety in the workplace.

  • Return to work drug and alcohol screening - testing employees before they return to work after a positive test or as a periodical follow-up, to ensure that they have stopped abusing drugs or alcohol.

  • Rehabilitation management- treatment management plans including education, counselling and on-going testing when an employee has a drug and alcohol problem.


PAM DAS can provide a complete managed solution whereby we agree with clients the programme structure and manage the delivery and timings. We can also produce management reports for our clients and we can provide our services on an individual basis allowing clients to state exactly what they require and when they need it.


We are aware of the different testing requirements that must stand up in a Court of Law and be applied, to everyday therapeutic monitoring. ESG's oral fluid, hair and urine laboratories have the highest appropriate accreditations (UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025). Our dedicated drug and alcohol Customer Service teams are available to support you in all aspects of our product and service delivery. Our services are configured to meet standards and protocols across industry standards including rail, maritime and air, criminal justice, social services and NHS.


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