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ToHealth (part of PAM Group) and Xexec Partner to Promote Employee Health

ToHealth, part of PAM Group, have partnered with employee-benefits leader Xexec to offer reduced rates on a range of home blood-testing services. Employees entitled to discounts and customer perks from Xexec can purchase tests at a great price and use them to produce an accurate snapshot of their personal health. They’re ideal for creating peace of mind, establishing a benchmark to monitor fitness and informing future lifestyle decisions.

“We are incredibly excited to have teamed up with a company as prominent in their market sector as Xexec,” said Head of ToHealth Laura Wade. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for a huge number of people to discover more about their own health and arrive at sound conclusions to benefit their wellbeing both at home and at work.”

The blood tests range in complexity from a single check for Vitamin D levels to the 26 separate checks involved in our “Well Woman” and “Well Man” packages. Employees can select the test which suits their needs and budget. 15 different products are currently available including tests for cholesterol levels, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), and diabetes, with more tests being added to the repertoire and the addition of more complex tests being completed at our PAM Group clinics.

Testing kits are delivered direct to the employee’s door to ensure ease of access. Clear instructions are provided for setting up the kit, obtaining a sample and returning the sample to our labs for analysis. It’s a streamlined, stress-free and manageable process.

Following the lab’s analysis, a full written report is provided which details results and findings. There’s also the option of a personalised follow-up call with one of our Clinical Team to talk customers through their results and provide tailored lifestyle advice. Post-test care is straightforward and jargon-free, enabling individuals to make positive wellbeing decisions based on their report’s conclusions.

If you’re not enrolled on one of Xexec’s customer-loyalty programmes, don’t worry.

You can still access all of ToHealth’s blood testing services on our website. Similarly, if you’re an employer or employee-benefits provider who would like to include blood-testing services in your portfolio of employee benefits, please get in touch.

ToHealth’s blood-testing services support both individual health and overall corporate wellbeing. The tests promote personal autonomy over key health matters and empower people to make reasoned life choices. Paired with advice and support from our experts, they’re an ideal workplace benefit and an e

xcellent way for employers to promote a healthy message to staff, encourage employee retention and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to their workforce.

To find out how you can make blood testing available to your customers or employees, please email:

Or, if you’re an individual looking to purchase your own test, please contact our public health screening team where you can purchase health assessments and home blood tests:

ToHealth, part of the PAM Group, are established wellbeing specialists and occupational health experts: . Xexec are industry pioneers in employee benefits and customer loyalty programmes:


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