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PAM Group provides gym equipment to support children excluded from school

Sandwell Community School (SCU) says new focus on wellbeing has improved self-awareness and behaviour.

Sandwell Community School (SCS) has been gifted gym equipment by PAM Group, to help it support young people who have been excluded from mainstream school in the West Bromwich area. The aim is that the gym equipment will support the school’s objective to reintegrate or transition children back into school or appropriate further education.

Nicola O’Shea, managing director of PAM OH, part of PAM Group, says, “As part of our ESG agenda, we’re committed to supporting the working population of the future. Sadly, 40% of young people will experience some kind of trauma before the age of 18, whilst the number of children excluded from mainstream school has nearly doubled in the past year. By working directly with SCS, we’re excited to be making a tangible difference to the lives of local 11-to-16-year-olds and the sort of future they can expect.”

"We’re very grateful to PAM Group for enabling us to provide the children across all four of our Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) with access to gym equipment. Many of our children have been excluded from mainstream school because they’re struggling to deal with a situation at home or have social, emotional and mental health needs, including ADHD, so they need to release some energy. Having the gym equipment is supporting our goal to redirect their focus and interests through lifestyle skills and overall wellbeing.”

​Rene Lucas-Williams, futures manager at Sandwell Community School

He adds, “We’ve also found that providing access to the gym first thing in the morning, actually encourages the kids to come into school. So, it's helping attendance and they are attending with a more positive mindset. We've also been taking some of the equipment outside as a reward for the children if they have done well in their lessons. So it's already helping to create wider positive impacts, including improved self-esteem, motivation and behaviour.”

Rene says one of the best things about the partnership is the way it’s supporting its Redirect Programme, which focuses on building direct relationships with third party companies. He explains, “Quite often, donors want to remain anonymous or ask us to fill out long-winded forms and bid against 15 other schools for support. The best thing about PAM Group is that it’s a company coming to us directly to share their strengths and saying, ‘Right, here’s what you need’, so the kids can get the benefit straight away.”

Nicola concludes, “We’re really pleased to have found a local cause so closely aligned to our goal of supporting the next generation of working population thrive. We’re delighted the children are already benefiting from the gym equipment and learning how to support their physical and emotional wellbeing in a way that will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their lives.”


About Sandwell Community School

Sandwell Community School (SCS) is a multi-site Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) for 11-to-16-year-olds who have been permanently excluded from mainstream school, or are at risk of exclusion.

About PAM OH

PAM OH is an occupational health provider that provides proactive ‘whole person’ solutions to help employees overcome health and wellbeing challenges limiting their ability to attend or perform at work.


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