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Case Study: PAM Group rehabilitates employees with Long Covid

The challenge

A long covid rehabilitation programme carried out by PAM Group saw over one hundred employees referred by various employers. The individuals had been struggling with persisting Covid symptoms for more than 12 weeks and were struggling to work, or unable to attend work, due to symptoms including:

· Breathlessness

· Effects of fatigue – including cognitive issues (brain fog)

· Muscular and joint aches and pains

· Feelings of depression

The approach

Each employee was allocated a case manager and given a clinical assessment to inform a treatment plan and give their manager guidance on how to support their recovery, including any recommended adjustments to working conditions. Employees were then given up to six treatment sessions with a clinical expert to help them manage and reduce their symptoms.

It would have been up to six, depending on requirement (not always reaching the six) & they could have received Wellness sessions, MSK sessions &/or psych sessions, so not "or". They all compliment each other so I wouldn’t want to assume the arrogance of delivering everything independently.

The results

Overall, 82% of those provided with support were able to remain in or return to work. A range of clinically recognised scales were used to measure the severity of symptoms before and after, this showed that:


Overall, 82% of the employees who participated in the Long Covid rehabilitation programme were able to remain in or return to work.


Business impacts

Two in five (40%) employees were helped to return to work with adjustments to support their ongoing recovery. A further one in five (20%) were able to return without any adjustments. One in five 22% were helped to remain at work. Meaning, overall, 82% of those provided with support were able to return to attending and performing at work.

“The treatment plans were based on evolving NICE Guidelines and overseen by a dedicated case manager. This enabled colleagues who couldn’t even walk upstairs due to Long Covid to recover, with professional advice that helped them to steadily improve.”

Head of Health & Wellbeing, UK Government Department


Please contact our PAM Physio Solutions team via email or call 01925 989741 to discuss your Long Covid rehabilitation needs.


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