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When it comes to managing absence cases we understand that managers & HR need clear, instructive and practical advice they can rely on. 

“In our view the OH professional’s role is not to formulate a diagnosis of a medical condition but more to provide clear pragmatic advice with a resolution in mind, helping managers to make informed decisions on managing absence in the workplace".

Our management referral service includes:


  • Our online referral and report system - removing the use of email and post enables faster turnaround and improved security.


  • Carying out triage to determine the best referral pathway for every case.


  • Access to a range of clinical pathways including OH Nurse/Advisor consultations, OH Physician consultations, face to face consultations, telephone consultations and secure video conferencing consultations.


  • Engagement with managers and HR - to verbally outline specific concerns, discuss redeployment options and build confidence in managers when acting on our advice.


  • Using a structured report format that we have developed, designed to provide line managers with clear, succinct advice without using complex medical jargon.


  • Conducting regular familiarisation visits to understand the complexities of your working environments, ensuring appropriate advice and recommendations made by our clinicians.


Management Referrals

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