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PAM Occupational Health Solutions acquires ToHealth Limited

Date: 11/1/2019


PAM Group have acquired the specialist London based occupational health and health screening provider ToHealth Limited. This deal allows PAM to retain the ToHealth expertise whilst expanding its London based clinic services and the development of ToHealth’s significant health screening services.

This acquisition does not include the purchase of the NHS health screening services that were previously provided by ToHealth.

ToHealth has a presence in two key markets:

•             London occupational health and clinic health services

•             UK Health screening services

It is the plan that ToHealth will continue to operate as an independent business within these specialist areas. PAM will provide the support and opportunity for the business to grow and we will look to develop its strategic opportunities in terms of the service delivery and expansion.

London Occupational Health Services

This element of the business will be led by Lesley Tomlinson as its Director. ToHealth will continue to trade in the London and South East market and where we can take advantage of operational and client opportunities between PAM and ToHealth we shall. Lesley will lead the clinical and service deliver.

ToHealth provide services to a number of other occupational health providers we plan to continue to work with these clients and to develop our services and the mutual benefits.

Health Screening Services

The Health Screening services are delivered to corporate clients and to private individuals via these services will be led by Craig Lewis who will drive the expansion of a more sophisticated health screening service and integrate the PAMLife offering.

James Murphy

Managing Director

PAM Group

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