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Occupational Hygiene

PAM provides an Occupational Hygiene service which can help your organisation by ensuring that workplaces are safe environments for your employees. This is done by:

    • Identifying the hazards
    • Evaluating the risks

    • Recommending effective control measures

The Occupational Hygienists are trained to anticipate the hazards that may result from work practices, recognise and understand the real and potential hazards arising from chemical, physical, biological agents and other stresses and appreciate how other factors may affect the human response to these hazards.


Regular Work Areas:


    • Dust/Fume/Vapour monitoring

    • Bio aerosol monitoring

    • Noise

    • Hearing protection suitability

    • Vibration - Hand/arm and whole body

• LEV - COSHH Testing and examination of systems

• COSHH assessments

• Thermal environmental assessments

• Ventilation surveys

• Legionella assessments

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