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Corporate and Workplace
Flu Vaccinations


Protect your employees this winter with workplace
flu vaccinations for every ­­­member of staff

Workplace flu vaccinations are a quick and safe way to reduce the risk of employees becoming seriously unwell for weeks. Or becoming one of the 25,000 people who die from flu in a bad year. Our corporate flu vaccinations can be delivered onsite, or via our nationwide clinics, in a convenient and timely way. Making it easy to protect employees and enhance your occupational health offering.


Workplace flu vaccinations

Flu virus cases are expected to surge this year, promoting the NHS to embark on its largest flu vaccination programme ever.


Unfortunately, few employees are eligible, while many of those who are will struggle to fit having a flu jab around work.


By offering onsite flu vaccinations you make it easy for all employees to protect themselves via their place of work.


Quick and Safe

Our professional nurses can quickly and safely administer workplace flu vaccinations. Making sure it’s safe for each individual and letting them know what mild after-effects to expect.


We can offer onsite flu vaccinations and the flu vaccine for employees via our nationwide clinics. Our main clinicals can be found at these locations. We can also set up a walk-in clinic near your workplace.


As a leading occupational health consultancy, we have extensive experience of delivering vaccination programmes. We work in partnership with you to ensure it all goes smoothly.


With flu jab shortages occurring every year, you can be reassured that we have tried-and-tested processes and established arrangements with vaccine suppliers.

The NHS itself is one of our clients.

Flu vaccine for business: 2021/22

The 2021/22 corporate flu vaccine is anticipated to offer good protection against flu. It will not give employees flu and protection starts two weeks after the vaccination.


Corporate flu jabs are quick and safe and prevent weeks of serious illness for employees and their colleagues. As well as helping avoid complications with catching Covid at the same time.


Workplace flu vaccination FAQs

What side effects are associated with workplace flu vaccinations?

Corporate flu vaccines are the same as the NHS vaccine and are very safe. Most people have little or no reaction. Some individuals may get a slight temperature, feel tired, have a headache or aching muscles for a day or two. After the injection their arm may be a bit swollen, red and tender where the vaccination was injected. This is why we normally vaccinate in the non-dominant arm. Any tenderness normally resolves itself quickly and causes no ongoing problems.

Who shouldn’t have a workplace flu vaccination?

There are very few people who cannot have flu vaccinations at work. Some people may need to attend their GP for the vaccination instead or attend at a later stage. These include people who have a serious egg allergy and those who have had a serious allergic reaction to a flu vaccine in the past. In these cases, their GP can provide an appropriate alternative vaccine. People who are unwell with a high temperature should delay vaccination until they are feeling better.

How effective is workplace flu vaccination?

Flu vaccine for employees is safe and very effective. Protection starts around two weeks after the vaccination and could prevent weeks of serious illness and even death. In a bad year around 25,000 people will die from the flu virus. Some people may still get flu, even after a workplace flu vaccination, but often with milder symptoms. Flu jabs do not protect against colds and other flu-like illnesses. They do protect vulnerable people and support the resilience of the health and care system.