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The workplace today is stressful enough without the added stress of having to source services from multiple suppliers, services that are often time consuming, difficult to manage and often more costly overall. Through our experience, we have become increasingly aware of the requirement of a cost-effective, clearly structured Employee Support Programme, one that would dovetail into our other services and provide a distinct benefit to our clients. 

With value for money and clarity of offering as our key objective we created our PAM Assist Employee Support Programme, which provides tailor-made support when and where it is needed for both managers and their colleagues.


Please click here to visit our PAM Assist website for more detailed information.

What do you get for your money?
  • The best level of service providing a return on investment in the order of 1:1 to 1:14

  • Excellent service delivery to maximise impact & effectiveness of the service

  • Improved staff attendance & performance, with reduced cost of absence

  • Accelerated & improved return to work rate

  • An all-inclusive service with no hidden costs

  • Improved productivity with better working relationships & motivation of workforce

  • Clear & fast access to information, advice on a wide range of topics

  • Flexible management statistics to demonstrate return on your investment

  • Considerable saving of time for HR manager & colleagues

  • Daily support for colleagues & managers

  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle & work-life balance

  • Allows you to demonstrate your duty of care to your colleagues




Why Implement an Employee Assistance Programme?

Supported by our professional counsellors and clinicians, PAM Assist is a targeted employee support programme. Tailored to individual client needs and designed to be value for money, each service is created in consultation with the client to complement the culture and business needs of their organisation.

Providing your colleagues with PAM Assist helps you to manage absence, motivate your staff and encourage them to have a better life balance, all for a modest cost. The benefits to your organisation will be clearly seen in reduced absence rates, a motivated and focused workforce and an overall benefit to your bottom line.

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Employee Assistance Programme

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